Welding helmets are a very important safety item for welders.  This is why Arc-depot.com offers you a wide variety of high quality WELDING HELMETS. From passive to auto-darkening you will find in this section what you are looking for.  For all budgets, from hobbyist to professional welder we believe that you should always have the highest quality safety equipment for welding.

Passive welding helmets:

Usually comes with a fixed shade #10.  Passive helmets needs to be lowered before striking an arc in order to be used safely. They protect welder from IR and UV rays just like auto-darkening helmet. Shades lenses can be changed and replace with different shade intensity.  Usually from #8 to #13 depending on the welding process and material welded.

Auto-darkening helmets:

Auto-darkening helmets automatically switches to preselected shade when arc is striked. they can be fixed shade or variable shades.  Typically standby shade is #3-#4.  Welding shades are mostly from #8 to #13 and some helmets offer cutting and grinding modes from shade #5 to #8.  Some features found on auto darkening helmets are: 

Sensitivity: offers you adjustments to suit the environment you are welding in.  Sunny or shady. 

Delay: offers the welder to adjust the delay in which the lens comes back to standby shade after the arc is extinct.

Grinding/cutting modes: can be selected when theses processes are used.

Sensors: usually they're anywhere from 2 to 4 sensors on auto-darkening helmets to detect the arc.

All our welding helmets are covered by manufacturers warranty, from 1 to 3 years depending on brands.

If you need help finding the perfect welding helmet for you, please ask one of our experts.  Its our pleasure to help you!