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Long-term zinc coating

70-40 Metaflux Zinc paste pure Anti Corrosion Coating

  • DULL FINISH: cold galvanizing
  • Color: dull gray
  • Dry film zinc content: 96 % (+/- 1%)
  • Zinc purity: 98.5 – 99%
  • Temp. resistance: up to +800°C [+1 472°F]

Also available in aerosol: 

Top quality long-term thick-layer zinc coating for large steel and metal surfaces that are continuously exposed to corrosion in extreme climates and weather, such as civil and military infrastructures, farm equipment, port facilities, marine and shipyard installations, pipelines, oil and gas platforms, etc. METAFLUX Zinc Paste contains extremely little solvent. Highest quality thick-layer long-term zinc coating for civil and military installations in all extreme climate and weather environments. Used by U.K. military and NATO (NATO Stock No. 7520-99-212-4616).
• No cracks in protection film cohesion
• No capillary cracks
• Complies with DIN 50.976
• Resistant to salt, saltwater, acid rain and heat
• Corrosion-proof zinc coating
• Thick-layer application system for large surfaces
• Dries rapidly through exposure to O2
• No capillary cracks
• No zinc sedimentation in the tin
• Ready-to-use at all times
• No thinning required for airless spraying when using nozzle size 4 or 5
• A thickness of up to 150 μm in one coating is possible
• 1 Kg [2.20 lbs.] may coat up to 2.5 m² [26.90 ft².] according to layer thickness at 100 μm.

Since 1955 Metaflux represents worldwide the maximum expression of aerosol and paste metallic coating technology with the lowest possible environmental contamination. Metaflux was the first company in the world to produce zinc in aerosol. Pure zinc, aluminum, copper and brass in suspension provide compelling quality coatings exceeding all international standards. 99% pure zinc in aerosol or paste suspension represents the best available long-term metallic protection against corrosion ever.

Since 1975 Metaflux metallic coating spray cans work all the time with no purging necessary. Manufacturing units with more than 40 years of experience and an annual production capacity of 60 to 70 million aerosols, Metaflux are actively involved in the maintenance and quality improvement. The METAFLUX program includes more than 50 aerosols of its own design and from year to year new references are added. For any new development, three fundamental principles are put forward by METAFLUX:

• The search for the best technical quality

• Provide the user with minimal inconvenience in occupational hygiene

• The search for maximum protection for the environment

Strict adherence to these three principles ensures that METAFLUX aerosols will always have their place on the international scene among the most advanced products.




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