Neutral degreaser


75-17 Citrus Cleaner Spray Metaflux Degreaser ink adhesive rapid drying

• Color: colorless
• Thickness: 0.826 g/cm³ [0.46 oz./in³]
• Special cleaner
• Rapid drying of the treated surface
• High concentration of active ingredients
• Neutral pH
• Temperature range from -30°C to +70°C [-22°F to +158°F]
• Pleasantly fresh smelling





This special cleaner is a product based on natural active ingredients for effective removal of: rubber residues and abrasion dust from metal surfaces and tools, oils, greases, resins, tar, remnants of paint and adhesive, pencil marks, ball-point pen and felt pen marks, stickers from glass surfaces and window-frames, etc.
Cleaning of industrial equipment and machinery in the tire industry, window construction, plastics industry, public institutions, schools, public transportation, bus companies, slaughterhouses, building companies etc.

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