For use with the IronMan® 230 MIG Wire Welder

Great for aluminum MIG welding with the IronMan 230 to eliminate feeding problems associated with soft aluminum wire. The Hobart Spool Gun DP-3545-20 is lightweight, compact and well-balanced. This reliable, yet economical gun provides 20 ft (6.1 m) of cable for extended reach.

Comes complete with:
  • 20 ft. (6.1 m) cable and gas hose
  • Threaded nozzle
  • Includes contact tips and feed rolls for .030-.035 in. (0.8-0.9 mm) aluminum, steel, and stainless wires.
  • Enclosed wire spool compartment with internal spool hub tension adjustment for 4 in (102 mm) rolls of wire
  • CV
  • DC
MIG MIG (GMAW) Welding with aluminum and other wires
Skill Level: Low
  • Aluminum Fabrication
  • Trailer Fabrication
  • Sign Manufacturing
  • Auto and Marine Repair


The Hobart DP-3545-20 Direct Plug-in Spool Gun is a quick and easy install on the IronMan 230.

Usable on 18 gauge (1.2 mm) up to 1/2 in (12.7 mm) aluminum with the Ironman 230.

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